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When it comes to anxiety and other mental illnesses, there are a number of ways to mitigate the harmful effects of these illnesses from home. This is especially useful considering that the stigma attached to mental illness often prevents those affected from seeking help and getting a proper diagnosis. Therefore, it helps for those suffering in silence to, first, know that you can and should seek help, and that there are alternatives to medical treatment. This can be a life saver to those of us suffering from anxiety, depression, and more. Here are a few tips to help you alleviate your mental illness.

First and foremost, try to relax. “Try to relax” might as well be an oxymoron, as the very act of trying to relax isn’t very relaxing. However, what I truly mean by this advice is that you should try to make your surroundings more relaxing. For one thing, go home if you’re not there already and don’t have anywhere important to be. Don’t leave work early or anything, unless you’re one the verge of a panic attack or some other emergency, but simply go straight home after work and begin preparations. One way to create an atmosphere conducive to relaxation is an oil diffuser. These devices offer up a way to create a pleasant aroma from an all natural source that has a number of health benefits. In this same vein, try taking a nice hot bath with some fragrant bubble bath or bath bombs to really make it pop off. Using this time to think or meditate in silence is tremendously therapeutic, as well.

Another way to alleviate symptoms of mental illness is to simply make a change in your life. Something as simple as the change in scenery from taking a walk does wonders, for starters. Another idea is to take up a new hobby. A creative hobby, such as playing an instrument, painting, etc. Can prove greatly helpful, and it ties back into taking a walk, which also boosts creativity. However, there are countless options. You could simply start keeping a journal. A journal could be used to document the events of your daily life, which helps process emotions and preserve your memories, or you could keep a dream journal for fun. Or, for that matter, why not both? You could also take up a hobby like video games. So, why not invest with an XBox from Microsoft Store or a PlayStation and get started?

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